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It’s the Little Things: Finding Time to Thrive in Uncertain Times

This “new normal” is here and although it’s not always easy, here are some ways to make the most of it and find the time to thrive.

It’s the Little Things: Finding Time to Thrive in Uncertain Times

You’re likely spending more time at home, more time with your family, and more time cooking than you used to. While these are all great aspects of the “new normal,” your routine and lifestyle has definitely changed. However, one thing remains the same: your wellbeing is still critical for you to live your best life. Sometimes it’s as simple as getting back to basics or embracing new activities.

While these may not be groundbreaking tips, we think a little reminder to care for ourselves so we can care for others is just what the doctor ordered.

Eat what makes you feel good. It’s hard not to devour all the snacks in the house. We totally get it. Filling your plate with leafy greens, vibrant fruits and veggies, and healthy proteins will keep your energy up and give you the nutrition your body needs, but it’s absolutely OK to indulge in your favorite munchies and sweet treats too. These are tough times, and ice cream helps. If you’re tired of cooking, treat yourself to a meal from your favorite local restaurant if they’re offering curbside pickup or delivery. You’ll enjoy a night off from the kitchen and will feel good supporting local businesses.

Find time for some movement. The gym may be closed, but that doesn’t mean your workout routine has to suffer. Not to mention, you might be spending a lot more time in a seated position – at your desk or on the couch. Head outside and go for a walk, jog, or bike ride (while maintaining safe distance!) or stream a new workout from one of your favorite instructors and get the whole family involved for some calorie-burning, endorphin-boosting fun.

Maintain parts of your routine. Maybe that’s enjoying a cup of coffee and the newspaper before anyone else wakes up. Maybe it’s a long walk with the dog in the evening. Maybe it’s as simple as taking your multivitamin! Another way to feel “normal” is to shower, style your hair, and get dressed in your favorite outfit, as though you’re heading to work or out for Sunday brunch. Stick to the routines that bring you pleasure and comfort – and a sense of normalcy.

Take time for self-care. The kids are at home all day long, the house is constantly messy, and alone time is hard to find, but make self-care a priority – especially if you find yourself hiding in the bathroom for a a moment of peace and quiet. Make a date with yourself for some quality R ‘n R, like time with a book or a favorite podcast, a spa night, or a long bath. If you have to, schedule it on your family’s calendar so they know not to bother you. Even once a week is better than nothing, and yes, doing a face mask while on a Zoom call is totally fine (and encouraged!).

Find joy every day. Plan a big family video call. Have a movie marathon, a dance party, or a talent show with your kids. Call your BFF while you’re out for a walk. Donate to a cause you care about. Plant spring flowers and enjoy their colorful blooms. It’s important to acknowledge the severity of the current situation but also to celebrate laughter and love to bring brightness to your world.

Treat yourself with the nourishment you need. Add a little extra nourishment to your daily routine with Alive!® Women’s Gummy Multivitamins. They’re packed with 16 vitamins and minerals, including boron, antioxidants like Vitamins A, C, E and selenium, and zinc and Vitamin D3.* The formula also includes the full B-vitamin complex to help convert food into cellular energy so you’re ready for what’s next.*

No matter what the day brings or the future holds, you deserve to experience a life filled with joy. Find the time to thrive from family fun to self-care because your health is your most important resource.