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Secrets to a Better Morning

Start your day on a positive note so you can hit the ground running and enjoy every moment.

Secrets to a Better Morning

Your alarm is ringing next to your bed, jolting you out of blissful slumber. Is it already time to get up? If you’re not a morning person, you probably dread the first blast of the alarm and the fact that you must leave the coziness of bed and sleep, but mornings don’t have to suck — trust us! Start your day on a positive note so you can hit the ground running and enjoy every moment.

Find a morning routine you love. You won’t want to hit the snooze when you look forward to what the AM has in store. Program the coffee maker the night before so there’s a hot pot waiting for you and enjoy a cup while watching the news, reading, or simply sitting quietly as you ease into the day. If you find you prefer to work out in the AM, start a routine and stick to it, and soon you’ll be bounding out of bed to get those endorphins. 

Rise and shine – and stretch. You’ve been down for the count for eight hours and your body probably needs a jumpstart into the new day. When you get out of bed, do a few stretches to greet the morning, warm up your muscles, and get your blood pumping.

Start the day with a healthy breakfast. When you’re busy, it’s easy to grab and go, but those convenient options may not be the healthiest. Assemble smoothie ingredients the night before for an easy breakfast or opt for yogurt and fresh fruit or whole grain toast with your fave nut butter instead of a pastry and you’ll be ready for the day. 

Get dressed. If you’re currently working from home, you’re probably opting for sweatpants, athleisure, and pajamas in lieu of your work wardrobe. We totally get it, and we’re not saying you need to attend a Zoom meeting in a full suit. However, getting dressed in real clothes is a simple way to feel more productive and “normal” in a world that is anything but.

Get to bed earlier. A good morning starts with a great night. A healthy sleep environment makes drifting off into dreamland easier, so set yourself up for success in the PM. Keep your bedroom dark and cool and try to turn off devices (or at least mute them) an hour before bed. Unwind with a book instead of a TV show or scroll session. Try a white noise machine to reduce outside sounds and if you can, keep kids and pets out of your bedroom for optimal rest — though we know that's easier said than done! 

Reduce nighttime stress. If you can’t get to sleep because your thoughts won’t stop racing, try to relax as much as possible before you hit the sheets. Take a hot bath, have a cup of caffeine-free tea, do a slow, restorative yoga flow, meditate … whatever your go-to way to calm your mind is, make time to practice it before bed. Essential oils like lavender may also make you feel more peaceful, so consider adding a diffuser to your bedroom for a touch of aromatherapy. 

Take your multivitamin! Many Alive!® fans find morning is the best time to take their multivitamin. If you find yourself forgetting day after day, keep your bottle near the coffee maker or your toothbrush where you’ll see it and voila! A habit is born. Whether you choose a gummy, tablet, liquid, or capsule formula, you’ll get the essential vitamins and nutrients you need, including B-vitamins to help convert the food you eat (including that delicious breakfast!) into fuel for a great day.* Get started on a new routine with a formula that’s perfect for you.