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What’s the Deal with Collagen?

Learn all about the protein that can help support healthy hair, skin, and nails.*

What’s the Deal with Collagen?

Collagen is trending! Head to your local health food store and you’re bound to see all sorts of collagen-centric products, from drink mixes to gummies to enhanced flavored water. Collagen is a big buzzword in the beauty world, but what does this protein actually do, and can it really give you long, lustrous hair, healthy skin, and strong nails?

What is collagen?

Collagen itself is a protein found in the body, and it’s present in your hair, skin, and nails.* Its main role is to provide structure to your skin, muscles, joints, and more. As you age, your collagen production slows down, which is why older adults may find their skin becoming less firm.

Are there different types of collagen?

Yes! There are many types of collagen found in the body, though Types I, II, and III are most prevalent. Let’s talk about the type of collagen we use in our Hair, Skin & Nails products: collagen Type I. Type I is the most abundant form of collagen in your body, found in your skin, organs, tendons, and bones. Type I is one of the most common forms of collagen found in supplements, like Alive!® Hair, Skin & Nails softgels and gummies.

Hydrolyzed collagen, which is what we use in our Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies, is a form of Type 1 collagen.

What are the potential benefits of taking Alive! Hair, Skin & Nails products?

Our advanced beauty formula softgel supports lustrous hair, strong nails, and vibrant skin with collagen Type I, biotin, silica from horsetail extract, hyaluronic acid, antioxidant vitamins A, C, E, and selenium, and vitamin D3, copper, and zinc.* The softgel formula is a complete multivitamin, also formulated with 100% daily value of 19 vitamins and minerals, plus high potency B-vitamins. Our gummy formulas include collagen, biotin, and antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E, plus our Orchard Fruits™ & Garden Veggies™ powder blend.

Are there other ways to ensure I’m getting enough collagen?

You can also get collagen from food. Eating a protein-rich diet with plenty of lean meats, bone broth, seafood, and eggs is a great place to start. If you eat a plant-based diet, you’ll find collagen in a variety of citrus fruits, berries, and greens like kale and spinach, as well as beans and nuts. Sounds like it’s time to start making delicious daily collagen-packed smoothies!